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C & K Haulage Services

CKhaulageC & K Haulage Services was formed in 1991 A family run business specialising in the International Carriage of Goods By Road.

The company has continued to grow over the years and is privileged to have many favourite supermarkets within its customer bank. Collecting from growers and producers the company then delivers to regional supermarket depots. From collection to delivery, we ensure that the product is carried with care and that it is delivered at the time specified by the customer.

Although based in the UK our vehicles travel to many parts of Europe carrying food, pharmaceuticals and most temperature controlled goods.

In November 2003 the first ever consignment of food was delivered to Lanzarote by road. With a transit time of seven days door to door this meant the goods arrived fresher and had a longer shelf life.

The company decided to diversify and offer the same service to individual clients.  A new road service for household removals to Lanzarote was launched.  The service offered by C & K Haulage is different to any other available.  People wishing to relocate to and from Lanzarote now have the opportunity of using a company that offers a seven-day house removal service.  The vehicles are driver accompanied throughout the journey, ensuring that not only are personal effects delivered quickly they are transported safely and securely.

Where should I start, shipping stuff back to the UK rather than start from scratch was the choice. We had shipped quite a bit out to Lanzarote back in 2005 but the strain was quite high so, it was suggested to use C & K, I gave them a call and, everything fell into place WHY AND HOW I hear you say, well the reason being, they are professionals and good at what they do and they do it right. I have used cheaper shippers in the past but, my goods turned up completely broken along with my marble fire surround so, did I save money NO!!!!!
False economy and that is why I did not go down the same road this time, there are a few companies boasting a similar service at a cheaper rate but, what is cheap, broken goods, foods that may not arrive at all. Do yourselves a favour and stick with the people who do it right and by reading reviews like this, I have been in business for over forty years and my motto has always been the same, go with the recommendations "you know it makes sense"

Thank you Colin & Karen and the team for all of your help and a job well done.

Peter & Linda & Minky the pooch (who Bill loved)

P & L Barrett

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