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I frst used C&K Haulage in 2008 after they were recommended to me by friends. Moving to Lanzarote was a stressful time but I have to say Karen and Colin made the experience so much easier. I had never met them but immediately felt reassured by their helpful and calm manner. Everything they arranged happened exactly as they promised (even me living up a single track country lane proved no obstacle for them!).

When I decided to come back to UK last month I had no hesitation in contacting Karen again. It felt like talking to an old friend and again I felt completely reassured. Again the service was superb. Prompt, efficient and friendly.
I would have no hesitation in recommending C&K Haulage.....thank you so much Karen and Colin....I will be in touch again when I return to Lanzarote!

Irene Edwards

Hi Karen,

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and the guys for a speedy and efficent delivery of our goods a few weeks ago.
We really didn't think (wrongly obviously!!!) that it would be that simple to have our "life" delivered from the UK to our new home in Lanzarote.
Thanks again for all of your help, it really made our move less-stressful and would highly recommend you to anyone moving over.

Thank again,


Julie Limbrick


Hi Karen,
The dog boxes that you so kindly offered to take back to Lanzarote will be delivered to your Harlow Depot tomorrow by a carrier who replied from one of these internet sites who do “Cheap” deliveries if they are going to the area. It still cost £50 but I’d have spent at least that in fuel - hey ho!
I hope that this is in time for your shipment but if we have missed then at least they are in place for the next shipment as long as that isn’t an inconvenience to your people.
We have now transported 19 dogs (21 if you count the ones we kept) from Lanzarote with around 10 more planned for January. To make the adoption costs competitive we have to beg steal and borrow favours and we still end up subsidising the project to the tune of about £50 per dog ourselves. Your kindness in repatriating the boxes saves us a considerable amount, indeed without your help I don’t think that we could afford to continue as in the current climate donations to top up our project are few and far between. So again please accept my grateful thanks on behalf of the dogs that now have a better life.

Kind regards



We met Karen shortly after moving to the island in 2006, when we met her then, we wished we'd have used them to use or personal effects after another company messed up and we ended up living out of a suitcase for 6 weeks! Ever since then we have only heard good things about their services.

A couple of weeks ago I used them for the first time as I had a package I needed to get here. knowing their reputation and having met both Colin and Karen, I felt they were the only people I'd trust to bring this over. What they brought for me was a relatively valuable, fragile and of great personal value.

The service was simply fantastic. The parcel was dropped at their UK depot, taken personal charge of by Colin from my dad, and I picked it up this morning, a week later, and could tell from where it was placed in the warehouse that personal concern has been carried through to it being taken charge of by me.

Fantastic job Colin and Karen - you couldn't have done any more!

Alan Gandy

Pat Willins

Just want to say what an excellent service we received from Karen and Colin and everyone else at C&K. Definetely no problem in recommending their services or using again in the future.

Pat Willins

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